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replace it with coconut oil

It seems that there are infinite ways to use coconut oil. I use is mostly in the frying pan as a swap for butter – in order to…

replace it with rolled buckwheat

I like oatmeal but I have issues digesting it, because of the gluten. In this case rolled buckwheat flakes are a great substitute. You can make a warm…

so easy and sooooo good

Fill a big bowl with freshly cooked and still warm basmati rice. Mix in chopped tomato and avocado. Eat.

replace it with lactobacillus and coconut

You are not allowed to call it yogurt, if it is vegan. Law can look very stupid, when it is protecting the established dairy industry against innovative, vegan…

replace it with liquid drinkable rice

I don´t like the taste of soy in my tea. Oat milk is better and could be used instead, but I have troubles digesting that, because of gluten….

replace it with vegan basic spread

The best substitute for cream cheese that I found so far. I go through one of these each week, mainly as basic spread on bread rolls or rice…

warm raspberries on top of vanilla ice cream

It´s time to celebrate the little victories. When there is a pandemic and some food in the stores is sold out. But nobody seems to be interested in…

steamed broccoli

Eating plant based is pretty simple: grab some broccoli, cut it into neat single florets, get some water in a big pot boiling, steam the broccoli for maximum…

scrambled eggs with mushrooms

Ingredients for an upgraded version of scrambled eggs. In coconut oil with fresh mushrooms, grounded black pepper and salt on top.

wintertime snack

An Orange – because of vitamin C. Plus candied almonds. [ Eine Orange – wegen der Vitamine. Plus gebrannte Mandeln. ]

Der Drang nach Schokolade.

Extra cremiger Smoothie: zwei kleine reife Bananen, eine Messerspitze Zimt (im Winter unverzichtbar) und dazu jeweils zwei gestrichene Esslöffel davon: reines, entöltes Kakaopulver, Buchweizenmehl und Erdnuss-Mus. Das ganze…

unechte Paella

Ein schnelles Reisgericht aus einem Topf. Inspiriert vom Original aus Spanien, aber im Endresultat gänzlich un-spanisch. Denn diese Variante ist ohne Fleisch oder Fisch und kommt mit weniger…

Blaukraut oder Rotkohl

Rotkohl, Walnüsse, Apfel, Olivenöl, Rotwein-Essig, Gelee aus schwarzer Johannisbeere, Chilly-Flakes und etwas Salz.

Avocado – a favorite

Avodaco with garlic, salt and lemon on puffed rice cake topped with fresh ground pepper. [ Avodaco mit Knoblauch, Salz und Zitrone auf Reiswaffel abgerundet mit frisch gemahlenem…

Eating homemade popcorn, straight from the pot.

Selbstgemachtes Popcorn, direkt aus dem Topf. Schnell gemacht und schnell gegessen.