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fragments, ideas, bits and pieces

liminal space


distorted media show

verzerrtes Mediendrama

WHITEWASH – study by Lizy

2020 | white paint on black cardboard | weiße Farbe auf schwarzem Karton |

To realize what you don´t want, is the first step to … creating what you truly want. Now, turn around and choose differently!

Life is not always easy. All kinds of contrast can be shown to you. Life is not always fine. All kinds of disruption can happen. Life is not…

random chicken

Study of a chicken for character design, probably more than 10 years ago. When I was younger, I thought that one day, I would work for Disney and…


Maybe there is a quicker path to get where you want to be. Maybe there is a little hidden trail, that you didn´t think about. Maybe there is…


Where is your north star? Can you see it clearly? Are you exited every time you think about it? What are you drawn to? Where are places and…

tunnel – disembodied

Running errands, doing your job or going to a doctors appointment is already tough – but during this endtime scenario it is a special kind of madness.


Thought provoking

immerse oneself

eintauchen, sich vertiefen


flüchtig, schwer greifbar oder einfach nur desinteressiert

instigator / initiator

Anstifter / Impulsgeber

positiv focus

positive Ausrichtung