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What is Bitcoin? How do you explain Bitcoin to a child in simple words?

In short, I would say Bitcoin is digital money. And Bitcoin can be sent directly to someone over the internet without the need of a banking company. For…

Bitcoin: This is how I do my research.

Below is just a short list of tools and sources, that I currently use to check out trends in the financial market and get background information about Bitcoin….

In some cases it’s best to make a swift turn, a hard cut and leave behind bad vibes and toxic people.

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Well, just a tiny Unicode collection.

Norwegian letters … of course. It’s efficient to have those at hand, while learning the language plus a few other useful symbols and code tweaks.

Switching to Linux

What to do, if your system crashes on you? Nuke windows, wipe any trace of it from the hard drive. Grab a ‘Linux Welt XXL’ magazine with a…

SEM 101: onsite optimizing by stuffing the page with main keywords

It´s not the worst approach to start with the obvious, even if it seems too basic. Just go with the part of SEM which is known by everybody:…

SEM 101: basic research as a first step to promote any web project

A fundamental research and gathering information has to be the first thing on your to-do-list in any search engine marketing project. You need to know the field you…

Practicing basic beats.

After the first five drum lessions, it is now up to me to keep practising. Getting used to beats and trying to enhance speed without loosing precision. This…