Here is another version of a pie with savory topping. For me, this is perfect for those colder days in autumn and winter. The crust is based on this glutenfree vegan dough, but I am mixing 3 minispoons of ground coriander seeds and one minispoon of ground caraway with the dry ingredients for a bread-like taste.

The list of ingredients is short and simple: Cut 2 to 3 big yellow onions in slices, mix with a pack of plantbased dip, half a cup of pumpkin seeds plus 2 teaspoons of each salt and smoked paprika powder. That’s it, enjoy. ∎

half a cup | halbe Tasse = 100 ml
spoon | Löffel = 15 ml
teaspoon | Teelöffel = 5 ml
minispoon | Minilöffelchen = 1 ml