Since my focus is on eating healthier, there are sections in supermarket that I can skip completely. A lot of products just don´t fit my preference of plant based and glutenfree. Recently, I did take a closer look at cereals and muesli mixes, and the result was dissapointing. A lot of overpriced junk, mainly made of wheat and sugar in a cute designed package, that´s it. No good finds and no nice ingredients here, so I decided to create my personal basic muesli mix. Of course, you can put your own twist to this recipe and add some walnuts, pumpkin seeds, raisins, dried apricots or a blob of peanut butter – choose whatever you like.

Muesli with plant based and glutenfree ingredients:

half a cup of buckwheat flakes (100 ml) as the base

a spoon of crushed linseeds (15 ml) because omega fats

a quarter of a cup of chocolate pieces (50 ml) the dark, plain type

a minispoon of cinnamon (1 ml) to add this warm sweetness

one and a half cup of almond milk (300 ml) enough to soak the flakes

one finely chopped apple or other fresh fruits like a pear

half a cup of sugar free cornflakes (100 ml) for crunch

half a cup | halbe Tasse = 100 ml
spoon | Löffel = 15 ml
teaspoon | Teelöffel = 5 ml
minispoon | Minilöffelchen = 1 ml