There are not a lot of alternatives to bread, if you have to avoid gluten and want to eat more plant based. Crackers are the most common one, because they are just easy: Grab and eat. Maybe with some spread on top or without. But only eating rice crackers can get a bit boring over time. What is lacking is variety. Do you need some ideas? Here are a few of my favorites. One important thing to keep in mind: If you want your crackers to stay crisp, store them dry. A sealed container, is the best storage option for rice cakes or any crackers.

Glutenfree crackers in a shopping cart.
Auf Platz Eins: gepuffte Waffeln aus Mais, Amaranth, Reis und Leinsamen. Crackers made of a diverse mix of plants like corn, amaranth, rice and flaxseeds. EAN/GTIN 4104420139565 available at ALNATURA.

First, these crackers actually taste good. Gluten-free with a nice, rounded flavor – that’s rare. Which could be a byproduct of an ingredient list with a neat mix of different plants. Enjoy the crackers with a spread of spiced up beans!

A big and a tiny package of lentil crackers.
Waffeln aus Linsen. Crackers made from lentils. EAN/GTIN 4104420208254 as mini travel pack and the regular size 4104420231658 available at ALNATURA.

Instead of potato chips – I can munch on these crackers. Lentils are a nice source of protein. Plus, the smaller package is useful to grab if you’re traveling.

A pack of o rice crackers.
Als glutenfreie Option: Reiswaffeln mit Sesam. These are ordinary rice crackers with added sesame. EAN/GTIN 4058172485237 available at DM.

Ok … I know this is standard, if you are on a glutenfree diet. Rice cakes are a widely available. This brand is a bit more precious, because of added sesame.

Puffed buckwheat crackers in a cart.
Buchweizen Waffeln ohne Gluten. Crackers made of puffed buckwheat. EAN/GTIN 4032549018587 was available at Kaufland – in the shelf with russian products.

It seems, that these are no longer sold in the supermarket. Maybe I am able to find an online source. I just miss my favorite cracker for avocado without toast.

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