Rolled buckwheat flakes are a great substitute, in my case. I like oatmeal, but … I have digestive issues, and even the low amount of gluten in oats is causing me problems. You can use buckwheat in the same way, as you would oats: a warm porridge with frozen berries or like in this self made buckwheat cereal mix – the possibilities are endless. How about, combining it with fruits and plant based yogurt substitute for breakfast?

Flocken aus Buchweizen im Papierbeutel.
Glutenfreie Flocken aus Buchweizen von Spielberger. Rolled buckwheat flakes, glutenfree. EAN/GTIN 4022381010962 available at DENN´s and organic food stores.
Eine Verpackung mit Buchweizenflocken.
Buchweizen-Flocken sind glutenfrei. Rolled buckwheat as cereal, glutenfree. EAN/GTIN 4104420231146 available at ALNATURA and ROSSMANN.

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