My latest food obsession is a simple cup of broth with ingredients that are surprisingly pure, unlike other instant products. I feel lucky to have discovered this product, because I don’t know any other instant vegetable broth that has such a simple but tasty list of ingredients: onion, parsnip, carot, yeast, garlic, parsley, curcuma, shiitake, lovage, mace, chicory plus maltrodextrin, sea salt and sunflower oil. Most other brands are stuffed with wheat, starch or other indigestible and unnecessary fillers. So, during cold days, it has become a ritual to make myself a cup of hot broth with this instant broth powder. A bit pricey – but worth it.

Gemüsebrühe ohne modifizierte Stärke. Vegan instant broth without wheat or other starches. EAN/GTIN 4000345072607 by Cenovis available at Vitalia Reformhaus.

Vegan and glutenfree. Important to consider are these qualities: no meat, no bones, no fillers like flour or starch and even a reduced salt content.

How to make a cup of vegan broth in a few seconds: Set up water in a kettle to boil. Scoop 1 spoon (15 ml) of instant broth powder, which is the equivalent of 10 g. Put it in a cup and fill up it with boiling hot water. Enjoy on a cold autumn evening. Since maltodextrin is a form of sugar, this contains mostly carbs 1,1 g / salt 0,2 / protein 0,1 g / fat 0 g plus 0,1 g fiber.

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half a cup | halbe Tasse = 100 ml
spoon | Löffel = 15 ml
teaspoon | Teelöffel = 5 ml
minispoon | Minilöffelchen = 1 ml