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raw, authentic and sloppy

How to find secondhand jeans? A guide to score at the thrift store.

1. Starting with a plan Before I even enter the store, I have to know what type of jeans I want. Plain and basic … or distressed and…

It’s not for me: a few reasons why I decided against psychology

For a few months, I did dwell on the idea of going to uni and study psychology. After doing my research and asking people about the details of…

The best decision ever.

More than ten years ago, I was strolling around in the city center, browsing through a bookshop and I did just randomly grab a little red book that…

A brain forced into line.

Mass media is exactly this: a tool to control masses of people, to govern your decisions. You are supposed to think like everybody else. Keep on marching and…

Vitamin D3 – the essential vitamin directly linked to sunshine.

“While 8.3% and 19.3% of adults have a lacking vitamin D status in summer and autumn, the figures in spring and winter are respectively 38.4% and 52.0%.”Quoting the…


This warm, spicy scent was my favorite during cold and cozy winter times – since 2018. Now it’s empty and no longer available. Maybe I should try mixing…

Autismus bedeutet, mein Gehirn tickt anders als deines.

Zur Abwechslung mal ein stimmiges Filmporträt über autistische Menschen. Als 20-minütiger Beitrag von Arte TV mit dem Titel: “Psycho – Ich, autistisch” Video bei Arte ansehen.

People ask: You are not really vegan? Why?

I am not a saint! I trip up and make mistakes. So, I think I don’t actually deserve to carry a pretentious emblem like this. It is true,…

A walk in the woods or meditating.

That’s how I usually recharge my energy. Going for walks outdoors or sitting in my room to meditate. I don’t go outside to meditate … maybe I should?

Smooth. Cherishing the softness of moss in the woods. So far, this winter has been a bit too warm and moist.

Winter Solstice. Lighting a black candle to mark the longest night of the year.

In some cases it’s best to make a swift turn, a hard cut and leave behind bad vibes and toxic people.

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Diving deeper into a new special interest and taking lessons. Norwegian is a funny language.

Blå som blåbær. Grønn som grønnsaker. Svart som svart metal.

Die Pflanzen der Sonnwende

Das Bestimmen und Sammeln von Wiesenkräutern ist eine gute Möglichkeit, mit der Natur direkter in Kontakt zu treten. Zur Sommersonnwende war ich also draußen unterwegs und habe ein…

Bavarian greeting formulas – a short overview including emotional tones

“Hallo?” (kind, often used entering a group) I am friendly. Is somebody nice here? “Morgn.” or “N’Abend.” (short and emotionless) I see you, but stay out of my…