You want something to sprinkle on spaghetti bolognese? How about this mixture as a substitute for grated parmesan cheese? It´s vegan, glutenfree and easy to make. It takes less than a minute to combine the following ingredients and you are ready to go. Since the mixture is dry, you can prepare a bigger batch, store it in a glass and have it ready to use for next time.

There is no need for “real” cheese. Sprinkle this homemade vegan mix on your pasta, instead.

Vegan and glutenfree ingredients:

1 spoon of almond flour (15ml) – for the powdery consistency

1 spoon of sesame seeds (15ml) – adding some crunch to the mix

2 spoons of nutritional yeast (30 ml) – for the cheesy flavour

2 minispoons of salt (2 ml) – because parmesan would be salty

And complete this blend with spices, one minispoon (1 ml) of each:
– granulated garlic
– mild paprika powder
– freshly ground white pepper
– grated nutmeg

Next time, I would like to try adding a pinch ascorbine powder, to create the sour tinge that is typical for cheese. This mix cannot be used to imitate melting cheese, for example in a risotto recipe. But it´s a good option for seasoning any italian pasta and can be used as a topping for any savoury recipe.

half a cup = 100 ml
spoon = 15 ml
teaspoon = 5 ml
minispoon = 1 ml