Smooth. Cherishing the softness of moss in the woods. So far, this winter has been a bit too warm and moist.

tune it up with black currant jelly

The fruity sweet and slightly bitter taste … that is what I am intrigued by in this case. Cooking red cabbage without black currant jelly makes no sense….

A winter salad with chicory and orange.

You only need the following four ingredients to make this – fruity and lightly bitter tasting – winter salad. Here is the list: 1 – 2 heads of…

upgrade to black beans

Usually, I buy beans, lentils or peas in a can. You could use dry legumes, but cooking those for hours just takes up too much work and energy….

Jernverket – a norwegian podcast about metal, rock and punk music.

My search for a podcast, as a good source for listening to the norwegian every day spoken language, took me a while. I was successful and found this…

replace it with kala namak

The seasoning salt called Kala Namak is rooted in India and the ayurvedic tradition. In a plant based diet, it´s used to imitate the savory taste and highly…

Inspired by … Jointhugger.

That’s a norwegian music trio based in Horten. My complaints first: I would not have selected this band name and logo design. With that choice you are directly…

Winter Solstice. Lighting a black candle to mark the longest night of the year.

In some cases it’s best to make a swift turn, a hard cut and leave behind bad vibes and toxic people.

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Well, just a tiny Unicode collection.

Norwegian letters … of course. It’s efficient to have those at hand, while learning the language plus a few other useful symbols and code tweaks.

HERZBLUT – study by Lizy

2006 | ideas as colored photocopies | Ideen in Form von colorierten Kopien | It’s within the heart. The heart bleeds music – not matter what. And it…

Diving deeper into a new special interest and taking lessions. Norwegian is a funny language.

Blå som blåbær. Grønn som grønnsaker. Svart som svart metal.

replace it with rice flour

There are a lot of ready-to-use mixtures of glutenfree flour available to use for baking and I tried a couple of those, but am not a big fan….

A cup of pure vegetable broth.

My latest food obsession is a simple cup of broth. I feel so lucky to have discovered this broth by Cenovis, because I don’t know any other instant…

The most luxurious tea ever: handpicked chamomile blossom.

Want some tea? Go out into the fields on a hot summer day and pick the chamomile blossoms yourself. One by one. In that way, you are choosing…