Mass media is exactly this: a tool to control masses of people, to govern your decisions. You are supposed to think like everybody else. Keep on marching and don’t step out of the formation!

I would suggest another motto: Be bold! Disobey! Trow out your TV! I did discard my old shitty device in 2005, that’s 18 years ago, and never wanted it back. But be warned – you will have to deal with a lot of freed up time. And a clear mind.

Maybe, you are not ready to act in that extreme way. You could try out a lighter version like this. To reduce my consumption, I did trick myself and made watching TV kind of unpleasant: I did have a very old device with a tiny screen, which means extremely low resolution and no remote control – so I had to get up every time I wanted to switch the channel.

Being comfortable is the same as automatically falling into a default state, the norm.