“Hallo?” (kind, often used entering a group)
I am friendly. Is somebody nice here?

“Morgn.” or “N’Abend.” (short and emotionless)
I see you, but stay out of my way.

“Gut’n Tag.” (very formal, in institutions)
Well, I have to say something to you.

“Hi?” (kind, while carefully approaching a stranger)
I am curious? Who are you?

“Grüß Gott!” (demanding undertone, used by
old men) You are supposed to greet me.

“Halli-Hallo.” (done as childish singsong)
I am a funny clown. Don’t take me seriously.

“Servus.” (between men, often combined with
a pat on the shoulder) You are my buddy.

“Hey!” (rough and short) Used between teenagers
or in order to scare someone off.

“Grias di.” Used by natives only, unless you are
drunk at a traditional beer festival.