I wonder, how many years of training it will take … till my output is actually going to sound good. Right now, after practicing for a few months, I´m stuck at 85-115 bpm for simple rock beats and 70-135 bpm for 3+3+2 exercises, stomping on the ground and drumming on my thighs since I don´t have a drum kit. Well, I have to work with what is available. To stay motivated, I am watching videos of drummers, that are way ahead of me. In other words: Don´t get discouraged by someone better than you and even more important, don´t be afraid to look completely stupid, while learning and trying to get to their level.

DIOGO MOTA | Drum Play-Through of the song URGE by GAEREA. Hell, yes!
SIMON SKRLEC | This drum cover is f***ing hilarious. Plus fast, and groovy.
LUANA DAMETTO | Extremely chilled while at the same time hitting hard.
NILS FJELLSTRÖM | Mindblowing stamina. How is that humanly possible?
KEVINDRUMZ | What an effort: recreating the sound and look of an icon.

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