More than ten years ago, I was strolling around in the city center, browsing through a bookshop and I did just randomly grab a little red book that was on sale. It was a workbook with a huge collection of coaching methods, and … it turned out to be a nudge. A sign, pointing me into a new direction. I read the book and did all the mental exercises. In hindsight, this has been a first step on a new path that would set me up for discovering more freedom for myself and others – to expand my life in a way I couldn’t imagine. It really has pushed me forward into uncharted territory.

Two years after working with the ideas in that book, I took it to the next level, as I did sign up for a course to become a licensed coach, business coach. The training was intense, since the psychological methods have been weirdly foreign to me. I was puzzled more than once during the sessions. Which was just proof that the learning curve was steep, and therefore I did improve a lot. After finishing the seminar, I felt very proud of myself for doing this massive jump into the unknown. In addition, this new and expanded perspective on things was extremely beneficial. Looking back, I can say it was the best decision I have ever made in my life – for myself and others: Being a coach since 2013.