People continue to ask me about the meaning of the title and I don’t have a short or easy answer. Actually, I would like to keep it vague. There are several options, you can choose the one you like the most.

number 1

> I am so glad I have done that. It was the right decision. <

number 2

> Fuck that, I’m done! You can do this without me. <

number 3

> What … the … hell. Look at this! What have you done? <

number 4

> Yes! Yes! Yes! I have done it. That was a rough challenge. <

number 5

> I can’t take it anymore. I hate being here. I am done. <

Are you planning an exhibition and feel that my artwork would be a great fit? Or teaming up for a collaboration maybe? If so, please send me a few lines about your project.