‘Every stroke of my brush carries my own unique essence, a piece of me. My paintings are an extension of myself.’ , that’s how Lizy would explain her art. Through her work, she seeks to get a grasp of the human experience. The world in and around. Her art is about human nature or elements found in rural spaces, where she lives. In that sense, her work is highly autobiographical. She is holding the full range of emotions to put them on canvas – in delicate lines of a pencil or vehement brush strokes. Lizy chooses to keep her color palette minimal to use the stark contrast between dark and light and then add splashes of red. Which could be natural minerals like reddish ocker … or rare pigments like cochineal red … or a more unusual material like her own blood. Is it too provocative? In that way, she creates maximal overlap between artist and artwork, and she aims for the core of true art: inspiring by being bold, as well as showing vulnerability.

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