Since 2000, Lizy has been active as an artist in the field of visual art. Her work consists of both painting and drawing – on various materials such as canvas, cardboard or glass – often accompanied by text fragments. Most of her past exhibitions have been set up in the south of Germany, till this point.

group exhibitions | gruppenausstellungen

2017, 2016, 2015 in Aichacher Köglturm

2008 at Botanischen Garten in Augsburg

solo exhibition | einzelausstellung

2006 Atelier Opening in the Meringer Schloss

juried art exhibitions| jurierte ausstellungen

2007 Kunst- und Kulturfrühling in Mering

2005 Pax-Art in Augsburg with over 100 artists

2005, 2004 Kunst beflügelt in Friedberg

2003 Drei Tage freie Räume in Augsburg

2002 Ausstellung zum Förderpreis in Bobingen

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