No stereotypes here. They are different, they are pungent … and it´s good that way. It starts with the name of this Finnish band, which I would translate as the following: “the demon of the winds swirling around in burning orange space”. And this energy is radiating further into the sound they create. Into music that goes against the grain, that goes against the rules of how music is supposed to be. Against rules and expectations. Sometimes you have to extinguish patches of old overgrown forest to make room for the new. Set it on fire and watch it burn. Get lost by watching the flames and orange glowing, dancing sparks.

#oranssipazuzu #mestarinkynsi | album: Mestarin kynsi | band: Oranssi Pazuzu | published: 2020 by Nuclear Blast | ad | annonse | anzeige | For more music, merch
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