You have to sprinkle a few chilly flakes on it, because otherwise that just looks like something really nasty in a bowl. Refried beans are a staple in a Mexican kitchen and are the secret glue in every bean buritto. The term refried doesn´t make too much sense to me, so I would rather call it refined or spiced up beans. And since I am not able to nicely wrap a buritto, I am spreading the beans on corn crackers instead – for a quick snack. You can add the tofu scramble to level it up to a full meal. Get creative – make your own version.

Refried – I mean spiced up black beans spread on corn crackers plus tofu scramble.

And this is how you spice up beans. Cut one big yellow onion and two fresh chili peppers – the milder fingersized version – into pieces and fry with a big spoon of coconut oil. This will take a while, since the onions have to caramelize and get a bit brown. Than you can put in 3 cloves of garlic, cut into pieces and a teaspoon of each: salt and smoked paprika powder. Stir and add the beans straight out of the can and let it cook. Fill the can up to a third with hot water, this can be added when you are starting to blend the beans in the pot with a stick blender. Don´t add to much water, because that will make it more into a soup – which actually could be an option too.

Two chilies and onion are frying in coconut oil. Later you add garlic and smoked paprika powder into the pot.

half a cup = 100 ml
spoon = 15 ml
teaspoon = 5 ml
minispoon = 1 ml