You need only six ingredients. One pack of soft tofu around 200 g, two scallions aka green onion. And a teaspoon each of coconut oil, turmeric and kala namak.

The last one is also called ayurvedic black salt and provides that
sulfurous, stinky aroma similar to eggs.

Take the soft tofu out of the packaging and drain the fluid. Wrap it into a fabric kitchen towel to dry it even more, by applying some pressure. After that, break the tofu down into crumbly pieces onto a plate.

Put a big cast iron pan on medium heat and as soon it is warming up take a teaspoon of coconut oil and melt it. Then you add the tofu to the pan, but don´t move it around too much. Just let it sit in the hot pan and sprinkle with the flavor: a teaspoon of kalanamak and a teaspoon of turmeric.

In the meantime clean and chop two green onions.

Now the scramble in the pan should have a nice golden crust, so you can mix and turn it. Remove the pan from the stove and finish up the dish with spring onions on top.

I was surprised, that the taste and texture is extremely close to scrambled eggs
and how quick and easy this was to cook. Foolproof.

half a cup = 100 ml
spoon = 15 ml
teaspoon = 5 ml
minispoon = 1 ml