Is that a contradiction? There is this myth that every autistic person, has to be in love with math and numbers. I strongly disagree. I think, this perception isn´t accurate enough and there is more to reveal. My observations are leading me to another conclusion. Isn´t it more about patterns – in general? If mathematic is your area of interest, than of course you go off on sequences of numbers and equations. For a software developer, it´s about command patterns.

Now, I would state it like this: The autistic brain is extremely good at recognizing and recalling patterns – in different fields.

For me personally it´s about images, graphics and optical patterns. Finding matching pebbles in the river with the same color and markings, that´s easy and kind of fun for me, because I have a well trained optical memory. Other autistic people may be focussed on sounds and structures in music and easily identify and remember rhythm, phrases and songs. That´s my current theory.