It’s obvious that I have been raised in a small, rural village, since I consider potatoes with milk a complete meal. That’s what we had back then. That’s what I enjoy and I am content with … to this day.

The potato has to be the starchy type and I prefer almond milk, soy milk doesn’t cut it in this case. The highlight of this simple dish is the hot potato and the cold liquid coming together in your mouth. Therefore, this simple dish only works due to the stark contrast of hot and cold.

Freshly steamed potatoes with almond-milk.
Of course, today I use almond drink instead of milk with the potatoes and a pinch of salt. Maybe rounding it up with a tiny bit of a buttery tasting fat melting over the steaming hot potatoes, before pouring the liquid.

half a cup | halbe Tasse = 100 ml
spoon | Löffel = 15 ml
teaspoon | Teelöffel = 5 ml
minispoon | Minilöffelchen = 1 ml