Well, I did it. 100% right for all the answers. That´s what I am good at: stuffing technical terms and abbreviations like TF, URL, KD, HTML, IDF, SERP, PWA into my memory and spitting them out during a test. I was stressed about failing and extremely tense, but it´s nice to see, that the methods which I have trained in years at school do still work. Now, I am celebrating with that song playing on highest possible volume over my headphones. Dancing through the flat with just that song on repeat, while eating self created muesli mix. That´s what celebrating looks like these days. Nothing fancy, nothing wild – but healthy.

Electronic cover of the popular song Transilvanian Hunger by Darkthrone. It turns out … the music in itself is catchy as hell, if you cut out the vocal fry and screaming extravaganza of standard Black Metal.

song: Transilvanian Hunger |
covered by: Marko Flynn (Niko), April 2021 |
original: Darkthrone on Transilvanian Hunger, 1994 at Peaceville Records |
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