I think, current systems are failing us. Isn´t it obvious, that we are not capable of finding good solutions that are beneficial for everyone within these obsolete structures? But asking too many questions, can quickly turn yourself into a suspect. So, I´d better shut up and enjoy a short summer break, pretending that everything is going nice. We are alive. For now. Let´s have fun at the soccer games, a sunny beach holiday or watch a fight night. I have to admit, that I am too aiming for what I have missed the most, and that´s … going to the thrift store. Here are the highlights of my secondhand haul: brand-new sneakers in my size, what a steal. A navy blue shirt made of 100% thick cotton and a pair of jeans plus an old edition of a design magazine, that I have never heard of. Yeah! Indulge, consume! Cheers to instant gratification! Forget about the disrupting times ahead. Don´t think about upcoming lockdowns because of the next wave of virus infections, because of an oil crisis and all the other reasons that could be used to justify massive restrictions and new limitations.

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