Back in 1997 – when Netscape was a common browser and the navigation bar on the left was the standard solution for navigating an extensive web side. What a flashback to my first web design job … and of course BMW updated content and appearance and it doesn´t look like this anymore. The stock photos are hilarious, but you have to keep in mind: this was nearly 25 years ago.

The color code of buttons and headlines is used to create a more clear structure for the seven main sections of the web side of BMW Bank, made in 1997.
Graphic elements in one part of the web side. You have to stick to file naming conventions if working with a team of designers and programmers on 170 html files and over 450 images.
You can simulate the look of paper clippings in photoshop. But what would be a quicker way?
Cut out some paper, scan it and then add the typo.