What to do, if you want to spice up your dish, but the shops are closed
so you can’t buy chives or garlic right now? Well, you can get creative. There might be a solution just around the corner, if you are crazy enough to think outside the ordinary, limiting box.

Today, I will go for a nice walk, enjoy the fresh air and pick some
hedge garlic (alliaria petiolata) on my way. The name is telling because
the plant is growing in large numbers near hedges or along gravel roads
in the forest. I grab a bunch of it, cut it into shreds and sprinkle on a
salad or smørbrød, which is a just a plain buttered bread.

I can go foraging and get my fresh herbs for free. ∎

Fresh herbs on bread.
Simple: Hedge garlic on buttered bread. More about this glutenfree bread.