This is the world.
It’s not working.
This is this earth.”

It´s sad, that this song is so relevant – then and now. Does nothing ever change? Why are we not able to shift our world into a better place for everyone? Till then, let´s turn to music as a quick relief.

You can feel the solid drive of the two drummers in this live recording. Hard and pushy industrial metal, with an almost danceable spin to it. My personal selection of songs from the live album “In case you didn´t feel like showing up” based on my preferences would be:

drum intro & breath
the missing
so what
burning inside

lyrics above from the song: breath |
written by: Kevin Ogilvie, Chris Connelly, Bill Rieflin, Paul Barker & Al Jourgensen |
live album: In case you didn´t feel like showing up, 1990 by Sire Records |
album: The mind is a terrible thing to taste, 1989 by Sire Records |

#ministryband #incaseyoudidntfeellikeshowingup |
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