I want to transfer a tiny part of my capital into the future, and therefore buy a small sum of Bitcoin. To check if it might be suitable for me as a store of value.

Through this direct personal investment in Bitcoin, I am pushing myself to observe it more diligently and therefore stay up-to-date with developments.

It’s interesting to be a part of a new concept that is very cutting-edge: Bitcoin is truly global. Which means it not shackled to a state, like all fiat currencies.

Fairness and accessibility is a big aspect that is intriguing about Bitcoin. People can’t be excluded from a digital product that’s decentralized and ungoverned.

The misguided interests of huge corporations and governments made me realize how important it is, to diversify my finances and add Bitcoin to the mix.

In my opinion, Bitcoin has a number of unique properties that make it valuable especially in current times: decentral and independent, transparent transfers without a bank, not bound to a government or country, a solid base using proof of work (POW) and storage on the blockchain as well as the possibility of self-custody. If there are enough people counting on Bitcoin as an asset, it has a good chance of being around for the long term. It seems, that on the economic front, the next 10 years will get turbulent and very exciting.

As always, the obligatory notice: Do your own research! You have to become your own best advisor. Below you can find the X-handles of a handful of people who did serve me well as a source of well-rounded background information with plenty of explanations and useful chart discussions. ∎

@Diditaihuttu | thebitcoinfamily is a friendly space to learn about BTC trends.

@hoss_crypto | For regular updates on global financials in german language.

@RomanReher | Blocktrainer – on a mission to make germany fit for bitcoin.

@ZssBecker | If you want to have a shitload of fun while learning about crypto.

@LynAldenContact | Is pushing for innovation with her book “Broken Money”.

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