1. What is so interesting about the tech and IT business?

Lizy: “People, who work in tech are forward thinking and future oriented, at least, that is what I have experienced. I personally like the focus on innovation a lot. Improving systems, designing a better workflow – there is always the possibility to change something for the better, you just have to look closely and be open for new ways of thinking and executing.”

2. Why do you want to switch industries – for a more tech oriented job?

Lizy: “I have worked in the advertising industry in agencies and you can´t make any real profit there since online printing and design services crashed prices in this market. Margins in wholesale, what I market right now, are declining year by year, and I am kind of wasting my talent here. So I asked myself this question: Which industry is constantly thriving? The tech business, obviously. Plus my past projects with IT-companies have worked out smoothly. They know what is possible and therefor demand ecxellence and top quality. Which means, working in tech business has been challenging, but always fair for both sides. “

3. Don´t you think it is boring to work with computers instead of people?

Lizy: “What? No, but this is a common misconception. Technical tools are developed with people for people. So, creating software or apps is always about communication. Interfaces are supposed to make it easy for people to work with, but only if the software is good designed. As a user you what to get more done and get better results, which means a great user experience is the main intention in developing new software or new structures. IT is about people.”

4. What skills and projects can a IT company expect from you?

Lizy: “All IT companies need branding. They have to be visible and tell people what their unique service or product is. You can´t just copy other content and hope it will work for you. Like the omnipresent picture of a globe in blue hues surrounded by laser beams. This is so cliché and an image that every business uses, that has no idea how to communicate their focus. If you are offering a ERP system you have to appear different than a repair service for laptops, you have to use different media channels. Plus your business culture and employer branding is an important aspect, that needs to be considered. Like I said before, IT is about people and interactions and communication, soI want to bring that aspect forward.”

5. What is your special talent? What can you bring into a tech company?

Lizy: “I can think of a few right now. First: I am great in putting myself into other peoples shoes. It is easy for me to consider the user perspective and customer expectations. And I can derive the necessary steps from there. Second: I like working together in teams, which means: a positive mindset and supporting people to bring their best into a project is my secret tool. Third: I am a structure and efficiency nerd and most companies have blind spots regarding that. I am great in finding potential that is overlooked and creating possibilities to level up. Better workflow, smooth distribution, quicker results. Anything else?”