The most important ingredient in this recipe is a heavy iron pan or a BBQ grill,
because heat is necessary to deepen the natural sweetness of the pepper. Which means the peppers are roasted for a short time, at very high heat.

And that’s how it’s done: Prepare the peppers, cut them into big chunks and wash them in a strainer. Then let the pepper chunks dry in a kitchen towel, while pealing and cutting the onion into big slices. Heat up the cast iron pan and toss in the dry pepper chunks. Let them roast and resist the urge to stir too much. After a while you add the onions and when there is liquid building up in the pan — released from the vegetables — it’s time to get everything out of the pan into a bowl or plate, immediately. Then you can add the olive oil and a pinch of salt, if you want to. Toss it and enjoy.

No oil in the pan! Just put the peppers into the hot pan without any fat or oil.

A short list of ingredients to make roasted bell peppers:

3 bell peppers – a mix of colors of red, green and yellow looks nice

1 big yellow onion or two smaller ones – cut into big slices, too

1 spoon of olive oil extra vergine (15 ml) – after grilling the peppers

a tiny pinch of salt – itś not essential, so you can actually skip this

half a cup | halbe Tasse = 100 ml
spoon | Löffel = 15 ml
teaspoon | Teelöffel = 5 ml
minispoon | Minilöffelchen = 1 ml