One main topic of last year continuous to spill over to this day: being able to handle uncertainty. Being acutely aware of “not knowing”.

More precisely: Plans are not working out, so you have to reschedule, again. You are witnessing structures fall apart, that would have provided some level of stability. Daily routines are dissolving into apathy and senseless entertainment. You are living day by day, because the distant future is getting unpredictable.

Some might say: “Isn´t that the experience of ultimate freedom? No rules. No programs. No regulation. Therefore, everything is open. In chaotic times, everything seems possible – the best and the worst. There are a multitude of options thinkable and therefore even more accessible to you. Aren´t you exited about that?”

I can only respond: “Well, maybe. I don´t know. The only thing getting more and more clear is, that I don´t feel safe … at all. I´m mostly frozen by fear and not sure, if it´s a good idea to step into this vast plain of uncertainty. It´s not easy to go beyond the well known paths.”