writing and taking photos

Since I am publishing on this blog for two years now, I am getting more and more clear about the topics, the vibe and the aesthetic I want to go for. Which is a bit darker and edgy, because that´s authentic to me.

cooking with plants only

I dedicated this year to developing a diet that is suitable for me. And I am actually grateful that I had a lot of time at my hands to veganize recipes and test a lot of products, that are plant based and glutenfree.

learning about marketing trends

For three months, I took a seminar and got a certificate for online marketing. I did study the current trends in SEO, SEA and e-Commerce. Now, I can apply this knowledge in a new job or even use it for my own projects.

quitting color and cuts

This summer, I got my last haircut. Now the gray is completely grown out and my hair is long enough to cut the ends myself. Going to a hairdresser is no longer relevant, which will save me a lot of time and money.

taking a longer break

Since I did quit a job the year before, my plan was to start working again in summer. But that got delayed, which in hindsight, was good for my overall fitness. In addition, I was able to keep finances stable throughout the year.

decluttering even more

I am getting ready for a move, for the cellar and storage room are completely empty now. Some large appliances in the kitchen, that did not work anymore, and I managed to take these down – like the big fridge and the range hood.

doing something silly

I bought drum sticks and started some training on my own. At the end of the year I took lessions and learned to play simple beats with base patterns. It doesn´t make any sense to get into drums at my age, but it´s a lot of fun.