Growing up poor is usually seen as a disadvantage. What if, it is not entirely bad? You need to find a way to get out of those painful circumstances, and therefore you are pushed to come up with creative solutions. By starting at zero you are forced into massive growth. Hungry to learn and eager to educate yourself. Don´t get me wrong, I am not romanticizing struggle. It´s not fun to be the outcast. I know how brutal it feels to be left out, to be behind.

I know how to endure tough times. But isn´t that a useful skill to have? Especially during a global pandemic, with businesses locked down and dooming shortage. In times of need, when you can´t buy it new, you fix things. When I don´t have the money to pay the electrician, I just learn to install the power plug myself. I deal with it.

So much about reframing a crappy childhood: “I have been poor, so I know how to make this work!” It´s a bit of a simplistic approach, but worth a try to get myself into a better mindset and a lighter mood.