Usually, I am pretty good at pretending to be all right. But you are probably sensing, that life is NOT FINE right now. I am a tough little fighter and I can endure this, but nobody needs to know about my struggles. So opening up and being vulnerable – like this – is not easy.

Yes, there are times when I eat peas out of the can.
Because I have no energy left to cook or even choose a recipe.

Yes, there are times, when I cry for hours till I fall asleep.
Because doubts and worries have taken over, spiraling out of control.

Now, what? I need to learn to hold space for myself, if I am having a melt down. Not beat myself up for being so weak and find out how I can be more soft and gentle in that situation? And later I could analyze the situation and ask myself questions like, what do I want instead? What do I want my life to feel like? What do I want to create?