It is unlikely that someone is tearing down a house to build the exact same again. You are not going to build a duplicate. There will be improvements. You are usually planing for something different. You are going to create a house that is more comfortable, more beautiful or bigger. Just better in some form.

It’s interesting to observe, that we don’t do that with our life and the options we have. If we are completely defeated, we are focused on what we have lost. And we tend to recreate exactly the same. The lover left and we think we want them back. We are fixated on the loss. And we are stuck in the past, instead of moving towards a better future, for each of us. The truth is people leave, because they are creating space. Free space to meet other people and the opportunity for brand new experiences and connections.

I did the same thing regarding my job. I knew I was good in design, because I have done that several years. So did apply for jobs as graphic designer — unsuccessfully. I was collecting rejections and I didn’t understand, that this was my chance to choose differently. I wasn’t able to imagine something better, an upgrade for me. And look at me now, I am working as a marketing manager. Plus I am starting to write, which is exiting but still unfamiliar territory and therefor uncomfortable.

Hitting rock bottom was my chance to start fresh, to pick different options. New hairstyle. New wardrobe. A new me. It took me a while to get there. But now, I am free to create the best life possible for myself. Improve my habits. Make space for new friends. Choose better. Explore.