It´s easy to get wrapped in apathy, because a situation looks
hopeless and getting up doesn´t seem to make any sense.

It´s easy to get trapped in anger, because there is nothing
that could be done because of obvious limits and restraints.

Apathy and anger are easy default emotions. If something is causing you to think: “It will never be ok. I will never have this. I will never get there.” Stop that automatism. Stop, right now. It takes some afford to step away from these thoughts, but you can choose to feel differently. You can choose to switch your mind towards what you actually can do. Visualizing. Meditation. Energy work. Dreaming. Vision boards. Realize that you have power over your emotions and therefore the power to create your circumstances.

This is your time to prepare and figure out your next steps. How do you want to feel? What do you need? What potential future do you want to experience? And then get yourself ready for that. Prepare!