This is the second round of reducing my movie collection. I have given away a big pile a few years ago. The DVDs in this box, are ready to go to a new home, to someone who apprechiates them more. Some suspens driven movies are still in my collection, because the best are here to stay:

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo | David Fincher | 2011

The Village | M. Night Shyamalan | 2004

The Ring | Gore Verbinski | 2002

Alien | Ridley Scott | 1979

The Shining | Stanley Kubrick | 1980

Where does the attraction for horror stories stem from – I am wondering? There must be a benefit to it. Is it that watching something scary, makes you strong enough to endure the harsh world of your daily struggles? Or to forget your hopeless situation and switch from despair to fear, because that is easier to bear at the moment? I was a big horror fan in my twenties and I was at a pretty desperate place at that time – emotionally, financially. At this time I probably read every Stephen King book I could get at the library and I remember finishing a story in the middle of the night – with intense fear creeping up. So much that I had to keep the lights on. Which is kind of funny in hindsight. What an interesting logic: If I keep the lights on I will not get attact by demons, strange people or other creatures that only exist in my fantasy. Neat.

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