A friend, trying to help: “Don´t you want a boy friend?”
Me very quick and harsh:”No. Not at moment, I don´t have time for that.”

That´s my standard answer. Maybe I shoud dig a bit deeper end explain this reaction in detail.

I am familiar with abusive relationships.
Of course I don´t have energy for that, I have to focus on my job.

Men are causing drama and pain, that´s what I know.
Of course I dont´t have time for that, I have to build my carrier.

In my past I never experienced any support or gentleness from a man. Of course I am not interested. Of course my answer is NO. Even if I am actually craving attention and hugs and cuddles and kisses. I would like to have a deep connection a delicious relationship that is providing stability, a positive energy boost and is focused on growth. Let´s still hope for the best. Maybe this can actually happen in real life and not just in fairy tales and cheesy tv shows.