A rigorous system is necessary to provide a sense of security and to keep my chaos at bay. If I am too loose with my routines everything slides: sleeping pattern, food intake and the overall productivity. I am awake till late in the night because my brain doesn´t calm down and the next day I sleep in till noon. And this gets worse and worse till I stay up all night. In case everything has gone completely out of whack like this, the only way to reset the routines to zero is: No sleep, at all. With eating it´s similar, I forget to eat because I am absorbed by something or I eat continously because I am bored.

This is what a productive day looks like. Small alterations are fine. But there is a tipping point where lot´s of tiny changes can add up and topple the whole day. The most important thing is to keep the pattern of (A) downtime&meals and (B) productive times.

(A) getting up between 6:30 and 8:00
drinking warm water first thing in the morning

(B) creative work that needs a lot of
focus and brain capacitiy

(A) breakfast with fruits at 10:30

(B) errands, appointments, outdoor sports
or alternating paperwork and household tasks

(A) applejuice meditation at 14:30
cooking a big lunch after that

(B) planing, research, phonecalls,
writing, reading, organizing

(A) winding down, maybe with a
cup of tea and going to bed early

By the way, I am finishing this text at 5:49 in the morning. My system is oviously out of whack. I am still awake and I my mind is running wild. The last days I had to fight the flu and this turned my routines and my mood upside down.