No drugs: I have never been interested in taking anything and I am too scared of a glitch effect. My brain is naturally messed up enough.

No TV: I am extremely annoyed by ads. And I can´t stand shallow entertainment or being influenced by bad news and other propaganda.

No gluten and modified starch: I simply can´t digest this stuff and I have to avoid it. In order to reduce the resulting abdominal pain and diarrhea.

No causal sex: I had my fair share of cold hearted experiences, bad one-night stands and even abuse. Let´s try to be truly intimate for once.

No coffee: I prefer a cup of warm water or black tea in the morning. Caffeine is way too much for me, it turns my nervous system into a mess.

No psychoactive medication: I think, it doesn´t make sense to surpress emotions in this way. I don´t want to take pills to make me feel better.

No milk and diary: There are a lot of plant based options. Why do we eat food that is based on using other mammals and their suffering in this industry?

No alcohol: Too many parties and drinking in my youth, taught me about the damage it can cause. So, now I stay away from it and don´t even sip.

No tattoos: There are nice tattoos out there. But I could and probably will never be able to decide about the design – so I don´t have any.

No meat: Since I reduced my consumption of meat, I don´t even like the taste anymore. Why killing animals if you can eat rice and beans?

No nicotine: The few times I smoked a cigarette, was putting up a show at a party. It doesn´t do anything for me, so why indulging in it?

No aggression: It is rarely necessary to use harsh words or even physical violence against people or animals. Can we just be kind to each other?