Depleted and exhausted. That´s a common side effect if you are a professional problem solver. You are always busy, working hard to find solutions? You take full resposibility for your duty? You are smart and it feels good if you find a clever solution? You are determined to get it done? Than you are trapped.

Because you hope, at some point everything is going to be solved. You want it to be done. Fixed. All of it.

Forget about that. This is never going to happen, as long as you are focused on problems. People notice that you are good at solving problems and come to you with their topics. And there will be always a new issue popping up.

Mindshift. How about giving your attention to play and fun? Ugh … what? That has been a long time ago. I don´t remember having fun. That is something I have probably neglected. Too busy, overworked.