Keep this out of the sun! Vitamin D3, also known as cholecalciferol is very sensitive to UV radiation and will break down, if not stored in a dark bottle and kept out of the light. Another interesting fact is, that this essential substance is produced in your skin, when you are sunbathing in UVB light. With the logical consequence that you have higher levels of vitamin D in your body during the summer months and should probably consider supplementing during winter season, when sunlight is less available. One of the well-known advantages of a balanced level of vitamin D in the body is an optimal uptake of calcium and in this way maintaining healthy bones. Maybe it has other benefits too, like in case of an inflammation or infection.

Shown in the photo is Vitamin D3 in a bottle with carrier oil which is available at DM or at pharmacies in Germany with EAN/GTIN 4009932131604 or PZN 16753262, that I “gonna put to the test”. The dose of vitamin D this 2000 IU (international units) are equal to 50 µg .

The detailed research of Dr. Michael Greger, M.D. FACLM on got me interested in trying out vitamin D for myself. Check out the following two short videos about studies on vitamin D.

Video 1: Vitamin D for Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Video 2: Dietary Supplements for Autism

This informative video by Dr. John Campbell made me really
consider taking vitamin D on a regular basis, starting right now:
Vitamin D studies confirm correlations

More detailed information in a video about how vitamin D works
in the human body provided by Professor Roger Seheult, MD.

“While 8.3% and 19.3% of adults have a lack vitamin D status in summer and autumn, the figures in spring and winter are respectively 38.4% and 52.0%.”
Quoting the Journal of Health monitoring by the RKI in Germany in 2016.

“Rigorous human clinical trials in different populations with different dosage regimens are urgently needed to check the association between vitamin D status and infection severity. Available evidence is very suggestive of protective and preventive effect of vitamin D against infections and COVID-19 pandemic.” Quoting the following article published in October 2020 (PMC7576325) Is the shielding effect of cholecalciferol in SARS CoV-2 infection dependable? An evidence based unraveling

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