Amanda made me do it. She actually pushed me, but this is not the main cause. The thing is, most times I am not able to articulate myself properly in a direct interaction with people. I look like a dumbass every time I open up my mouth to speak. Stumbling over words. Not being able to finish sentences, because my brain is too quick and I can´t keep up with it. In writing it is easier to get to the point. It´s a bit more focused and clear.

Plus it is therapeutic, but not in a smooth way – more like ripping of a bandaid.
Including fearful thoughts beforehand, because you expect it´s going to hurt.

I would like to end with this quote: “you can do nothing. or you can do something. if you do something, you will probably get told you are doing it imperfectly. you will probably be scolded for getting the tone wrong, the sentiment wrong, the wording wrong, or the timing wrong.
do it anyway.
do it anyway.
keep doing the things.”
Amanda Palmer, 4 January 2020 on Instagram.