Writing down a story in a few minutes, that´s impossible. At least I can´t. There would be too many tiny mistakes. Embarrassing typos and crudely constructed sentences and lack of spirit or ease. Because, it has to be easy to read. So my current approach in writing, looks like this:

1 – First extremely sloppy collection of ideas – without attention to grammar or errors. Just a raw pile of thoughts on paper or in digital notes.

2 – Start getting the pile of words into a rough shape. Choosing the main topic, start selecting the interesting parts and deleting the other half.

3 – Smooth the surface, get rid of any bumps and think of fancy details to add. Styling, decorating. Making it look and more importantly sound good.

4 – Proof reading, correcting mistakes and then publishing. But never, ever on the same day. Always check a few days later, with a fresh mind.

Helpful for this is https://languagetool.org/ an online proofreading tool.

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