You can get blisters on your hands while procrastinating.

Yes, you can. At least I am able to avoid something – by being extremly busy doing other tasks instead.

I am not writing at the moment. My goal of writing on a daily basis is out of the window. I am mad at myself. But I have a nice excuse. I am busy, I am soooo busy assembling furniture instead of writing. Doing something to avoid the hard stuff. Because building a shelf is pretty easy and kind of fun. Writing, not as much at the moment. Plus, if I continue writing, I will be able to get public with this blog in time and this is what I am avoiding right now. Going public on 2th of february in 2020 simply scares the sh*t out of me. It´s not about a lack of topics. So, … someone has to sit down and actually write and revisit and translate and publish. The content is not going write itself.