Everybody with a room covered in dark wallpaper with damask pattern – I mean Sherlock style – is an instand friend. In this case an imaginary friend, because Marcus left the party on this earth a bit too early. Here is just a tracklist of the dark ambient LP Skelektikon. The final release by the swedish experimental visual and sound artist Fjellström.

  • A1 Something Comes From Nothing
  • A2 Skeleton Dance
  • A3 Aunchron
  • A4 Skeleton Dance
  • A5 Modulus
  • B1 Arboretum
  • B2 Hermitage
  • B3 Skeleton Dance
  • B4 Schmerzrot
  • B5 Boy With Wound

And the music video with eerie and yet so sweet hearted images of unknown landscapes, hands that are signaling in mudras, a kid in and out of a bubble and a nervous system that is floating around freely. What else would be adequate as visual to the track B2 called Hermitage? Maybe a gentle touch, that is … releasing energy in the form of a light impuls causing ripples in time and space?

song: Hermitage |
album: Skelektikon, January 2017 |
composer, filmmaker, artist: Marcus Fjellström (1979-2017) |
label: Miasmah |

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Listen and watch carefully, your nerve cords might get moved around and twisted. #fjellstroem | ad | annonse | anzeige |