In the long run, non-central is going to prevail as the main attribute of finances, communication tools and politics – simply as a reaction to censorship, restrictions and current sanctions. The pendulum will naturally swing to the other side: from shrinking to expanding and then shrinking again. So lately I thought, maybe it´s useful to know a bit of vocabulary about new upcoming technology regarding exchange. This is what I have learned so far:

DSM = decentralized social media, no shadow-banning and no censorship

ActivityPub = free, open, decentralized social networking protocol

DeFI = decentralized finance, to exchange crypto without intermediaries

POW = proof of work, a secure form of consensus to prevent manipulation

peer-to-peer = without a middle man and without their usual bank fees

BTC = a thought experiment, that is now challenging FIAT currencies

hardware wallet = a place to secure liquidity, in the unlikely event of someone freezing your bank account or your custodial wallet on exchange platforms

CBDC = will be promoted as THE safe solution for the current financial crisis

I hope not too many people are falling for this last one. Maybe you should consider going around this neatly constructed trap, that governments are setting up right now. Stay away from it, as long as there are other options still available for you. As long, you are not forced into CBDC. Right now the EU is planing for financial restrictions and it will look like this: In the future your access to the two biggest non-central cryptos will be limited, which are Bitcoin and Ethereum and – which is an even more stupid regulation in the EU – you will not be able to freely transfer to a hardware wallet. If you want to be aware of what´s going on in your country regarding central, government controlled banking – check this CBDC tracker. Stay informed and do your own research.