Today is the first day back to work in 2020 after a week off. Getting up at 6:30 to drag myself through morning rushour traffic. Great. This is a list of what I currently do as a Trade Marketing Manager:

Implementation of campaigns for the market launch
of products
in coordination with the managing director

Planning of marketing strategies plus budget control
of printed matter, outdoor advertising and magazin ads

Building of a completely new team plus leading and
instructing the coworkers in the marketing department

Management, idea, design, content for PR as well as
product and image advertisements
in business magazines

Logo design and development of consistent brand manuals
for various privat labels and corporate design

Further improvement and realization of eye-catching
retail displays for products with the import division

Continuous planning and publication of product
innovations in web teasers and digital advertising

Design of packaging, manuals and also product development
in cooperation with the purchasing department

Presentations and speeches about innovations for
employees, field staff and at launch events with customers

Initiatives to automate business processes such as
newsletter system, digital catalogs and order processing

Control, instruction and production of printed catalogs,
campaign sheets
with special prices

Ideas, graphic, photos, content, tracking for social media
promotion of the company and supplier brands

Photography in the form of high quality product images
or detailed photos including retouching and editing

Concepts for innovative, attractive employer branding
on the website, in job advertisements and on social media

Enhanced corporate wording with focus on product
information including search engine optimizing